Top 10 most famous Spanish Songs

Who remembers the time when Despacito (one of the best Spanish Songs) was all we would talk about! Singing along to lyrics we’ve hardly ever spoken as we thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the foreign but captivating song?

India the land of many languages have always been diversely beautiful in its own terms. While most of us can never say no to a tempting Bolly-hit, can we really overlook the head-turning International hits that have taken the world by awe? The answer is an absolute no! The truth is, talent never goes unseen, and if that comes in the form of catchy, foot-tapping music- there is simply no way we would pass over a chance like that.

The Latin music industry specializes in a genre of music that is originated from Latin countries like Spain, Portuguese, Argentina, and more and every year Latin artists have surpassed expectations to wow us with songs that are simply irresistible. If you’ve found yourself lip-syncing to Despacito- here is a list of some of the best Latin music the industry has gifted us with.


As far as Spanish songs in India go, no one can top the popularity of this head-swaying beat. Voiced by famous Latin singer Luis Fonsi, featuring Latin rapper Daddy Yankee, the song Despacito took the 2007 music industry by a whirlwind. So much so, the video was actually the most viewed one on YouTube with a whopping 5.88 billion view mark. The songs upbeat yet melodious tune, paired in with the equally vibrant video was simply irresistible. If you’re curious enough, you can even search up the English version of Despacito voiced by Justin Bieber in collaboration with the original artists Fonsi.

2. Mi Gente

Sung by artists J.Balvin and Willy William with a later version voicing the queen Beyonce herself, the song Mi Gente was yet another hit, immediately so after being released in 2017 under producer Willy William. While the video has a certain edge to itself that makes it so vibrant, the song is definitely a proper fit for parties where the trendsetting music backed by the lively nature of the song makes this an absolute favorite.

3. Macarena

How could we pay tribute to the best Spanish songs and not mention this gem of a classic by artist Los Del Rio that was a super hit from 1993 and onwards? We are sure you’ve heard it somewhere some time and if not, this is the best time to jump on the macarena train. The song along with its choreographed dance step became a huge hit all over the world.

4. Bailando

The famous Spanish “Boy Next Door” whose as irresistible as his songs came up with a wide collection of superb Spanish songs- Bailando being one of them. Sung and acted by Enrique Iglesias himself, along with featured artists like Zone People, Descemer Bueno was released in 2014 and was a big hit during that time. Enrique has always had an expressive fan base in countries like the UK, US, and India, and his songs, even in the later years proved his excellence as a Latin songster.

5. Chantaje

Dancing queen Shakira came up with Chantaje in 2016 that featured yet another Colombian star, Maluma and together they made Chantaje a song that you would most likely play on repeat if not match the beats to it on a party dance floor. The song, penned down in Spanish, has a zing of pop mixed in its genre as the cheerful and confident nature of the song makes it irresistible for you to ignore.

6. Waka Waka

Yet another brilliance by the Latin singer, dancer Shakira, Waka Waka- This Time for Africa or Esto es África, was the official anthem for 2010 FIFA Worldcup with this 2010 hit lingering on and on for years after. The highlight of the song- “Waka Waka” stands for Do it, as the song meddled in English and Spanish stood out for its aura. The song veils a tone of encouragement as it hypes up the crowd for FIFA 2010 and had us all swaying, lip-synching to “Waka Waka eh eh”.

7. Hey Ma

Once again Colombian singer J Balvin joins the lovely Camila Cabello and American Rapper Pitbull to release their big hit Hey Ma in 2017. The song, featured in the 2017 action film The Fate of the Furious is a jolly and upbeat song that would have you breaking down on the dance floor during a party with two extensive versions carrying the same enthusiasm. There is an English and a Spanish version to it and was debuted number 5 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

8. Dura

If you’re crazy about Latin music, especially if it’s by Puerto Rican’s best- Daddy Yankee, Duar should be the number one song on your playlist by now. The recently released Reggaeton pop song has already topped the charts in 14 separate countries and has reached the top 10 in five others with the tone of the music being as vibrant as ever.

9. Gasolina

Speaking of Daddy Yankee’s Despacito and Dura, how can we forget this gold reggaeton hit of 2004 that made a quirky appearance and simply stole our hearts? This was the first-ever reggaeton song to ever have secured a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year with the song still being in the 9th position of “50 Greatest Latin Songs of All Time” list, even in 2015.

10.Echame La Culpa

How can we end the list without mentioning the famous Echame La Culpa by Despacito singer- Luis Fonsi and American singer Demi Lovato? Fonsi co-wrote the song and released it in 2017 as the second single for his upcoming studio album Vida. The song carries an aura of enthusiasm intertwined with melody as the upbeat nature of the song pushed it to number one in many countries including Belgium, Austria, Lebanon, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and more.